Coconut Curry Tofu


Coconut Curry Tofu

I thought I’d start looking for recipes through I found this recipe for Coconut Curry Tofu which would be perfect for me to try and taste since I love coconut-based curry!

I didn’t let the tofu drain for an hour or two, so I felt like my curry was super watery and not creamy. I looked at pictures online, and other folks had the same result. But I prefer sauces to be creamy, so I’m going to try to figure out to make it creamy the next time I make it. The tofu was good, but I would have preferred it to be lightly fried before adding it to the mix. As usual, I also added more chili paste than the recipe asked for.

Overall though, this tasted really great. Overnight, the water thickened a bit which made it more bearable for me to eat this. In total, buying everything for this cost about $18 (the new ingredients in my house), but it was worth it. It fills me up and makes me feel really healthy as well. Going to try more vegan foods!


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